Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Pick. The Valley of Fear

  The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I'm pretty excited about this book. I liked the radio theatre version on NRK a lot! In the radio theatre a lot was missing. So reading it will be good. :) 

I've earlier read the first chapters and here is what happens. The story begins with a tricky murder case and the police need help. Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson come to the crime scene the next day. They try to solve what's happened to the dead man found with strange clues on and around his body. Dead in his own home. There is the mysterious burned mark on his body, his wedding ring missing, muddy boot marks behind a curtain. And a blood mark on the window sill. To mention some things. And of course the strange gun.

The house itself is strange. To come and leave one must use the house bridge. The ones inside opens and closes it every day with no exception (I think). The fact that the house is difficult to enter shows that the murder was strongly motivated. I look forward to read more :)
Already there are many details. But the author presents them well.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Beauty Bag Staples

This is the beauty stash I always have in my beauty bag. Lipbalms. I never go anywhere without one. My favourite is the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner as it is super soothing and nice to use under lipliners. On days I wear makeup I always wear a honey coloured blush. I wear one from Seventeen. Called Bashful. On me it looks more like a soft bronzer. I like this more then my Soap & Glory Solar Powder because this is softer and warmer. 

On eyes I like to wear a subtle shimmery beige colour from Clinique. This looks good with any other makeup and brightens up the eye area. It's slightly creamy with a fresh more dewy look. I can't get enough of this. It's so pretty.

I have a couple constant Mac makeup favourites here too. The Rosy Rim lipliner in pastel pink and the Pure Zen lipstick in pastel peach. These two bring a pop of colour to my makeup. So does the dark purple lipgloss from Isadora. The pigmentation of these lip products is great!  

What are your beauty staples?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Todays Makeup. Pearl Peach and Purple

I thought it was time to make my makeup different. I chose some cream products for my look that I've seldom used.  The products are from H & M, Skinfood and Mac. I think they are all in stores. I like cream products as they look dewy and interesting. I often find the colours more interesting then the dry ones. I've not liked orange blushes but this is silk crispy. In other words interesting. :) It looks great with other strong colours in makeup and clothes. I selected a light and summery lipstick colour. It always complets my makeup. This is the Mac Pure Zen. A pastel peach lipstick with shine and lots of pigments.  On eyes I've selected a dusty purple. This has lots of pretty shimmer in it. Now can someone please bring spring weather so I can wear this often with the green top :) This one is from a brand called Stay. I think it will be a favourite piece of mine this spring. Do you like the makeup and top?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Movies I wanna See this Spring

 I've been watching a lot of movies lately. Maybe more then I should. It's been pretty fun though. Action and crime are my favourite genres since I started seeing Poirot as a child. I always think I've seen all movies there but the serie is endless. In the action genre I've searched for movies based on interesting stories, characters and actors. The first movie which I've already seen is The Italian Job. The story takes you straight into a heist in Italy which goes wrong. A plan is made to correct what can be done from the burglers side. This story is  about the burglers only. I can't remember seeing cops. That's interesting!

I've seen the 2006 Jane Eyre series a thousand times but not any of the movies! And the book I loved! So I look forward to see one. It's a pretty good story!  Have you seen these movies? What do you like about them? Do you have movie recommendations?

The Italian Job

We Own the Night

The Happening

Jane Eyre

The Labours of Hercules

The Devil's Violinist

Friday, February 17, 2017

A Friday Treat. L:A Bruket Skin Care Mist

It's finally a new weeked. I had been longing for this one since I've been pushing myself to much at work. It's great to have some days just to relax! And that's what I've been doing the most of this Friday. Some of the time I spent at a cafe drinking wine, hot choccolatte and eating macaroons while reading a book. I decided to look closer at a skin care product too that I'd been curious to try and bought this facial mist at the shop Cornelias Hus in Oslo. They have so many elegant and special things there. And a couple skin care brands I've not seen elsewhere that seems interesting!

This facial mist I bought is from a brand called L:A Bruket. It feels and smells very refreshing and is  comfortable on the skin. My skin looks nice and healthy with a more even skin tone after applying the mist. Some beauty products are so good they make you see the benefits quick! I'm definitely into this product. It has natural ingredients good for the skin such as camomile and bergamot. And again the scent is so nice. It their candles are anything close to this I'll buy one. This product is nice for everyday use as it is mild to the skin. If there was a smaller size I would buy one to wear with me at all times. And I guess I'll be having a closer look at those candles too:)

Have you tried this brand?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Little Bargains. Beauty and Decoration

I like to go shopping and discover gems through blogs and in stores. I especially like to read beauty blogs.  There are always new high street brands and high end brands to discover in them. It was through blogs I found one of the cute bargains here. A soft highligter that I don't think there is any dupe for. The round little pot from Bourjois has a soft sparkly powder that really brightens up any makeup! The pearl shine is so beautiful and interesting on the skin. The powder definitely looks like a high end product and a little goes a long way. There are other makeup pieces worth trying too from this post! There are two of my top favourites from Kicks. A nude eyeliner and a matte and soft rosy blush. The colours and finishes are so interesting. Both products look very pretty on pale skin.

I found the notebook on a sale almost for free. It has a surprisingly good quality. The paper is stiff and without lines. The paper is in white beige colour and the cover decor is simple with cute details in white, black and grey. The white box below also decorate my desk and is a favourite piece of mine. It is a nice quality product and looks so beautiful. And I never get tired of the little vase here :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Current Decor Favourites

Are not these decor pieces pretty? I love each single piece. Most of them decorate my window sill in my bedroom. Like those from the above picture. They look harmonious in the soft daylight through the window. I feel the white leaf and diamond almost looks powdery and kind of shiny. Both can hang on the wall, on the door or decorate a tree. The leaf looks elegant with rings on :) I gave leafs to some friends and they really liked them! I've really enjoyed decorating my room with plants as well. My latest treat has been the hourglass below. I see them so rarely and this one has a simple elegance I find super pretty! I find them calming to look at! And they inspire me to work on some art. There was one smaller with black sand as well at the store but I find white sand prettier! It lights up.

The leaf and diamond are from a flower shop called Mester Grønn. So are the two cactuses. The hourglass and decorative box are from Kid Interiør and the two candle holders from Tiger store.

What are your current decor favourites?